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Fanart - A Journey

This is my submission for the hd_fanart fest. The fest was wonderful, I greatly enjoyed it. Thank you SO much for all your kind comments, I'm sorry I haven't replied yet, RL got the best of me for the past month. I'll try to reply as soon as possible.

Title: A Journey
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Media: Ink
Summary: This is Draco's long journey into the tunnel of Harry's subconscious, where he is lost and trapped. A mother will help him along the way. Divided in 4 parts.
Notes: It is recommended to read the drabble, written by catsintheattic (Thank you!!), to better understand the art.

EDIT: Prints Available! :D

Drabble: Draco peered into the dark tunnel, the one that had swallowed Harry about half an hour ago.

Magic - it either gave or took people. Those given came from the Muggle world, ignorant intruders into a universe that filled the gaps they had felt all eleven years of their existence. Those taken went pale under a flash of green light. Magic was unrelenting, unforgiving. And in the end, it forced everyone to take a side, to perceive their true nature.

The secret was old. The books in the Restricted Section of the library told its tale. To those who would listen, the pages whispered about knowledge forgotten long ago, and discovered even longer. Who would come to reclaim it? Who would come to seek, to see and to know?

Harry had come. Harry – brave, reckless, stupid Harry – had come and challenged a magic that had revealed Draco’s true nature, saving him. But it had taken Harry’s sanity in exchange. Draco couldn’t let that happen.

“I don’t want to lose you to it,” Draco told the image of Harry in all his reckless glory. Determined, he started to walk down the narrow stone steps and into the darkness of Harry’s subconscious.




4. US


Ah, I almost forgot! For the people who asked me about prints, well, I can't tell you how flattered I am that you loved my art so much that you'd like to have it on your wall. :)

I tried to put all the panels in one print, but it would have been too big and way too expensive, so I created 4 prints, one for each part. You could also buy a single print with four panels of your choice. Above is a sample of how a print would look like.

Prices and sizes:

1 print: 30x30 cm (11' x 11') - 10 € (13 USD)
2 prints: 30x30 cm (11' x 11') - 13 € (17 USD)
3 prints: 30x30 cm (11' x 11') - 15 € (19 USD)
4 prints: 30x30 cm (11' x 11') - 18 € (23 USD)

Prints are on coated board weighted 250gr.
Payment is through PAYPAL.

I live in Italy, so shipping price is different for Europe and anywhere else.
Shipping price for Europe: 6 €
Shipping price for America: 9 € (11 USD)

I know shipping price is a bit expensive (damn Italian Mail Service!), if you know any other private mail service that could send prints at a lower price let me know!
For more information you can send an email at reira_net@yahoo.it.

And feel free to friend me if you like my art or icons! :)
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